Pastoral Care

We want every girl to enjoy their time at Headington and achieve their potential. We know girls achieve their best and are most motivated to learn when they are happy and feel supported and valued. We take mental and physical health and well-being very seriously at Headington and have a comprehensive hierarchical pastoral structure in place throughout the School.

Who will be supporting my daughter?

Each girl has the following members of staff looking out for them:

  • Form tutors
  • Heads of Year
  • Head of Section
  • Deputy Head Pastoral

In addition, we also have two counsellors, a chaplain and a Health Centre and nursing team. All staff operate an open door policy and girls know they can raise any concerns or issues with any member of staff.


Weekly briefings give staff an opportunity to share information about any girls who may have extra needs at that time so everyone is able to provide appropriate support. We also keep in close contact with parents to ensure we are well aware of anything going on at home they may need support with. We treat every girl as an individual with individual needs. Confidentiality is a priority and is closely observed across the School.

Peer Support

We have an active prefect body led by our Head Girl trio (Head Girl, Head of Day and Head of Boarding) for those girls who would prefer to talk to one of their peers. This includes our wellbeing prefect, a role we introduced in 2017.

Meet our Head Girl trio
Meet our Head Girl trio