Our Competitive Houses

House spirit is alive and kicking at Headington! Every girl is assigned to one of ten different competitive houses when they join the School. Our competitive houses are groups of girls from across the year groups who meet regularly in locations across the school to work together on a huge range of house activities.


We are proud to see friendships forged across year groups as girls bond over the latest house event. It creates a real sense of belonging and fosters team spirit – along with a fair amount of healthy competition!


The house system also provides opportunities for some girls who might not normally seek the spotlight to take a central role. The range of events and activities, from House Noticeboard to House Cover Song, is designed to make sure we celebrate the talents of all girls.

House Events

Our enthusiastic Head of Competitive Houses Mr David Cunningham and our student house leaders are always coming up with new and exciting house activities and competitions.

Regular competitions include:

Autumn Term

  • House Poetry
  • ‘Poetry Slam’
  • House Netball
  • House Debating
  • House Dance

Spring Term

  • House Photography
  • House Robotics
  • House Cooking
  • House Hockey
  • House Song

Summer Term

  • House Cross Country
  • House Engineering (tower building)
  • House Podcast (new event for 2022)
  • House Travel Writing
  • House Swimming
  • Sports Day


Every year each house chooses a different charity and girls are challenged with raising as much money and awareness as possible for their chosen cause. Through the competitive house system, thousands of pounds have been raised for local, national and international charities. Find out more about how we support others.