Academic Excellence

Headington is a selective, academically challenging school where girls achieve results which send them to Oxbridge, Russell Group universities and prestigious academic institutions all over the world.

We don’t just take girls who are already in the top five percent and then sit on our laurels as they bring home grades they would achieve in any school. We select girls from a broad range of ability based on potential and the ability to access a fast-paced curriculum. We support and challenge them to achieve the best possible results, providing a huge amount of choice so every girl can find the subjects which will fire their imagination and give them the chance to excel.

By the time they finish at Headington, they are achieving well above the grades they were predicted on entry, with girls recording on average a grade higher per subject than their predictions at GCSE and an additional half a grade higher at A Level.

We support and challenge girls to achieve the best possible results, providing a huge amount of choice so every girl can find the subjects which will fire their imagination and give them the chance to excel.

Excellent Results

The figures speak for themselves – the School is consistently in the top 100 schools nationwide in terms of exam results

Educating the Whole Child

We are not an ‘academic hothouse’, though – we encourage girls to try out, take up and pursue a wide range of extra-curricular activities and are interested in developing the whole child. Our girls get fantastic results but they do so in a rounded, supportive and inspiring environment where they have fun and make friends.

Digital Learning

Headington is a forward-thinking school, embracing modern technologies that can aid and enhance the learning experience for the girls in school. To that end, all girls from U3-U5 (years 7-11) are provided with their own iPad.

The 1:1 iPad strategy enables the girls to become more independent in their learning and to extend learning possibilities both inside and outside the classroom. Importantly, it also means that each pupil has an equal experience and can access the same resources, whether at school or at home.

This technology does not replace, but rather complements and enhances the excellent teaching and learning at Headington.

Our vision is to

  • Eliminate barriers, truly making learning any place, any time
  • Empower learning, bringing more creative freedom and ownership
  • Equip to explore, giving students the confidence to ask and answer challenging questions
  • Embrace independence, through effective and innovative homework and preparation

The iPad Strategy includes

  • On and off-site web filtering
  • Centralised app deployment and management of devices
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Genius bar for additional support and assistance
  • Fully comprehensive insurance

Lower School Curriculum

From the moment your daughter starts at Headington, she will be taught by specialists in each of her subjects.

We pride ourselves on offering a huge amount of choice and are confident that we will help find and nurture each girl’s individual talents.

In the Lower School, which is made up of the first two years of Senior School, known at Headington as Upper Three (Year 7) and Lower Four (Year 8), your daughter will be able to explore and develop her abilities in a very wide range of subjects. Our expert teachers will challenge her to think in new and exciting ways, deepening her understanding and subject knowledge. With Oxford on our doorstep, we are lucky enough to be able to enhance and enrich the learning inside the classroom with lectures, workshops and field trips. We take every possible opportunity to widen your daughter’s horizons and give her space and support to find where her skills and interests lie.

Lower School Subjects

ArtFashion and Textile Design*
ComputingCreative Engineering & Design
English Language and LiteratureFood and Nutrition*
PhysicsReligious Studies
Spanish**Personal, Social and Healthy Education

*In Upper Three and Lower Four, Fashion and Textiles and Food and Nutrition are taught on a carousel, with girls spending one and a half terms on each subject. 

**In Upper Three, girls will study French, German or Spanish. In Lower Four, they will also choose a second language to study.

Middle School Curriculum

In Upper Four (Year 9) girls move to Middle School and are encouraged to take increased responsibility for their own learning, having a greater input in the choices of subjects they study. Before the end of the year, they will make their GCSE subject choices. Teaching for GCSE courses in subjects such as Maths and Science begins at the start of Upper Four but girls will not start the GCSE syllabus in the bulk of their subjects until the beginning of Lower Five.

Core Upper Four subjectsPractical and Language Choices
ComputingArt Textiles
English Language and LiteratureCreative Engineering & Design
Food and NutritionDance
LatinModern Languages
Philosophy and Religious Studies
Personal, Social and Health Education

In Upper Four girls will select three creative choices and two languages.


As your daughter begins her GCSE programme, she will take increased responsibility for her own learning and start making the choices which will shape her future career.


With 27 options available, choice is at the heart of the Headington GCSE experience. We work closely with the girls to help them choose a curriculum which best suits their abilities, aspirations and plans for the future.

The only mandatory subjects are Mathematics and English Language, both essential for progress to university and the workplace, along with at least one Science. Beyond these subjects, there is significant freedom to select almost any combination of subjects. Alongside a programme of usually nine GCSEs, girls are encouraged to take one of our accredited one year courses, the Higher Project qualification, School Certificate in Philosophy or Award in Finance Education. This course is completed in Lower Five (Year 10).

Girls all take PE and Personal, Social and Health Education, along with timetabled enrichment activities in Lower Five. They may also choose to take Astronomy GCSE as an additional option outside normal classroom time. Learn more about the GCSE programme at Headington


Each year our girls record fantastic results in their GCSE examinations and we celebrate each and every achievement. View our latest GCSE results here

GCSE Course Guide Find out more about our GCSE programme
GCSE Course Guide
Creative Engineering and Design
Creative Engineering and Design