Boarding Options

We don’t take a one size fits all approach to boarding at Headington because we know all our families have different needs.

Around one in four of our Senior School girls is a boarder and they come to Headington from the UK, Europe and all over the world. The numbers grow as you go up the School, with a junior boarding house of 30 for our Year 7 to 9 girls, two houses for the middle years and a large Sixth Form house. More information about our boarding houses can be found here.

Our boarding options could be an excellent solution to a lengthy and tiring commute, a way of allowing your daughter to take full part in some of the myriad activities and sports offered at Headington without having to deal with very early starts and late finishes, or a chance to experience a first-rate education in inspirational Oxford, often thousands of miles from home

Diverse Community

While full boarding continues to be our most popular option, the opportunity to board on an occasional, half-weekly or weekly basis means our close-knit community of boarders is really diverse and provides lots of opportunities for our day girls and boarders to come together and make lasting friendships.

Occasional Boarding

Occasional boarding is a great way for girls to make the most of all the School offers as well as being part of our vibrant boarding community.

Many girls choose this option so they can take part in drama productions or music performances while others join in with after school activities or boarding events in school.

There are many benefits of occasional boarding:

  • Stay in school for up to 10 nights per academic year
  • Make full use of school facilities
  • Be a part of our diverse boarding community
  • Meet new friends in the boarding house
  • Enjoy dinner and breakfast in school

If occasional boarding sounds like it could be for you, we would be delighted to show you around our boarding houses. You can also meet the house staff and familiarise yourself with the school site.

For more details on occasional boarding and to arrange a visit please contact

Half Weekly Boarding

Half Weekly Boarding was introduced in 2016 and has proven to be a popular option for girls and parents. We expanded the range of boarding options in order to increase choice in recognition of the fact that not every family requires full or weekly boarding.

Competition for boarding beds at Headington is always high so places for Half Weekly Boarding are limited and are awarded on a first come, first served basis.

What Is Half Weekly Boarding At Headington?
There are two options for Half Weekly Boarding:

  • Monday and Tuesday nights (with the option to arrive on Sunday night)
  • Wednesday and Thursday nights (with the option to stay Friday night)

Half Weekly Boarding contracts have the same Terms and Conditions as those for day and other boarding offers and a term’s notice is required for any changes to provision.

If you would like to find out more about Half Weekly Boarding please contact

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding at Headington is a popular option, as girls choose to make the most of the school facilities and enjoy the close friendships made in the boarding community.

Why Weekly Boarding?
Weekly boarding is ideal for girls who live in the UK and want to take full advantage of the extensive range of after-school activities. Oxford’s excellent road and rail links to London (coaches from central London stop outside the school gates) mean that weekly boarding is also a practical solution for girls living in the capital.

Less time travelling during the week means more time for girls to immerse themselves in prep, friends and hobbies, leaving them free to enjoy their weekends at home.

How Does It Work?
Weekly boarders come to school on either Sunday night or Monday morning and stay until Friday, returning home again at weekends. They sign out in their boarding house before leaving for the weekend, returning to school on Sunday evening or Monday morning.

Girls returning on Monday morning must arrive before registration.

Full Boarding

Headington has welcomed boarders for nearly 100 years and currently more than 150 of our students, from Upper 3 to Upper 6, choose to come to Headington as full boarders.

Why Full Boarding?
A boarding education offers an outstanding opportunity for a young person to develop confidence, social skills, independence, self-motivation and cultural awareness. We work hard to make the transition from home to school a smooth one, with girls settling quickly and making the most of all the opportunities – inside and outside the classroom – that a boarding education at Headington can offer.

Full boarders have access to Headington’s outstanding facilities and extra-curricular opportunities, seven days a week. They are immersed in an environment where they can focus on developing skills and talents for life whilst forming friendships and bonds that last a lifetime.

Global Community
At Headington our UK boarders are joined by girls from more than 30 different nationalities. In a world of ever-increasing global links, boarders develop friendships with girls from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds, broadening their own horizons and building international connections which are invaluable in their adult lives.

How Does It Work?
Full boarders stay at school during the week and at weekends throughout the term.

During term time there are always plenty of activities for boarders at weekends and after school. Family and friends are always very welcome to visit or take their daughters out during the weekends.