At Headington we firmly believe that Sport is for all. That means we offer performance training and strength coaching for our elite athletes along with a wide range of different sports clubs and teams for girls of all ages and abilities. There’s also the chance to take PE for both GCSE and A Level.

We recognise not every girl will enjoy team sports so make sure there are lots of different opportunities for healthy physical activity, from Cheerleading to Equestrian, from Fencing to Rock Climbing.

There are opportunities for every girl to improve, develop and excel and our ambition is for each girl to leave school having found a sport she loves.

Sport at Headington School
Sport at Headington
Sport at Headington

What's on offer

There is a huge variety of sports on offer at Headington, catering for a wide range of interests and abilities.

Curriculum Sports

Each year group has scheduled Games lessons and PE lessons each week, including sixth formers, who are encouraged to choose a Sport they will continue beyond school. Dance is also available as a Games option. Currently, our curriculum sports are as follows:


Athletics Health-related Fitness
Badminton Lifesaving (Swimming)
Basketball Netball
Cricket Personal survival (Swimming)
Cross Country Strength and Conditioning
Football Swimming
Gymnastics Tennis
Handball Volleyball
Hockey Yoga and Pilates

Extra-Curricular Sports

There is a huge range of additional Sports in which your daughter can take part at Headington, whether she is completely new to the discipline or has been training in the Sport outside of school. We can also offer paid coaching in several Sports. The Sports currently on offer are as follows:

Extra-Curricular Paid Coaching
Athletics Badminton
Cricket Cheerleading
Cross Country Fencing
Football Rock Climbing
Gym Rowing
Hockey Tennis
Lacrosse Trampolining
Rubbish Runners
Step and Tone
Strength and Conditioning


Hockey at Headington School
Hockey at Headington
Hockey at Headington
Football at Headington School
Football at Headington
Football at Headington
Rowing at Headington School
Rowing at Headington Find out more about HSOBC
Rowing at Headington