What makes a Headington girl?

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Our ethos

Building on strong academic foundations and a wealth of sporting and co-curricular activities on offer, we will develop the breadth of choice for our girls to enable them to follow a path that both suits their academic aspirations and satisfies their natural curiosity and passions. We will encourage them to take appropriate risks and to embrace the learning opportunities from experiencing failure within a supportive environment; to welcome problem-solving opportunities which can be unravelled by thinking creatively and working collaboratively with others. In doing so, we will equip our girls so they are future ready, fully prepared to take on the challenges they may face and to thrive, wherever life takes them. Your daughter will leave Headington with far more than just excellent academic results or a place at one of the world’s top universities but as an intellectually curious, emotionally confident and socially responsible individual with a strong sense of self and a lifelong love of learning.


Academic Enrichment at Headington

Future ready girls

Learn more about our five-year strategy to ensure every girl leaves Headington fully-equipped for her future, whatever it may hold.

Read our five-year plan

As an Educational Charity, we aim to:

  • Provide a stimulating, enriching and forward thinking environment for all pupils, where achievement, enterprise, creativity and leadership are nurtured and developed
  • Encourage, challenge and value every individual, promoting honesty, openness, tolerance and understanding
  • Cultivate self-confidence, independence and responsibility, equipping students for an active and positive role in an ever-changing world
  • Benefit our local community by providing access to educational resources, expertise and facilities

Supporting others

Our girls know how lucky they are to be receiving a first-rate education. As well as making the most of the opportunities they receive, our girls are also keen to try and improve things for those less fortunate. We hold regular events to raise either funds or awareness for causes and charities close to the girls’ hearts, often focusing on improving the outlook for less-privileged girls around the world.

Our Charities Committee, led by our Charities Prefect, selects the charities and campaigns which will be supported over the coming year and plans a wide range of events, from cake sales to talent shows. Each of the School’s ten competitive houses also selects a charity for the year and competes to raise the most for the cause they have chosen. One-off fundraisers are also held to raise money for additional causes.