Pastoral Care

Our boarders make Headington their home, whether it’s for a whole term at a time in the case of our full boarders or a few nights spread across the year. That means our network of pastoral support needs to be in place 24/7 to make sure there is always someone for our girls to turn to if they need help or support.

Support Network

For many of our girls, boarding at Headington will be their first time living away from the family home and for some, home itself will be a long way away with no immediate family close by. All Headington girls benefit from a pastoral structure which runs from peer support from our Prefect team all the way up to our Headmistress but our boarders also benefit from additional pastoral support within the boarding community.

Who Will Be Looking Out For My Daughter?

Led by our Head of Boarding, Mrs Mary Rahmatallah, the pastoral teams responsible for boarding girls include Housemistresses and Housemasters and their assistants, nurse matrons and graduate boarding assistants – recent graduates who quickly form close bonds with the girls – get to know each girl well and are in regular contact with their teachers and tutors during the school day, sharing information about any girl who may have extra needs at any time. We also have a number of boarding tutors who provide additional support and our Health Centre provides round the clock first aid treatment and emergency care.

A Home Away From Home

Our Houses provide far more than just a bed for a night – our girls live their lives here, socialising, relaxing, playing, cooking, eating and of course studying as they develop into young women. Regular contact with boarding staff and plenty of opportunity for one-to-one chats help us to identify any potential issues early on and provide support and care to every girl throughout their time with us.