Welcome from the Head of Prep

Headington Prep School is a place filled with warmth, happiness and learning where truly wonderful things happen.

It could be the place where your child learns to read and write, picks up a netball or plays a few faltering notes on a keyboard for the very first time. With superb modern facilities, specialist teachers who relish every opportunity to enrich a child’s learning experience and a truly holistic approach, Headington Prep is a fantastic place to start on an educational journey.

It’s not just about learning facts and figures or indeed trying things for the first time – we will help your child develop resilience, curiosity, flexibility, risk-taking and self-motivation, character traits that will stand her in good stead for Senior School and beyond.

It’s an absolute privilege and a delight to welcome the amazing children who join us each year and I am constantly surprised and impressed by what they have achieved in all areas of life by the time they leave at the end of Year 6.

We think it’s a fabulous school but we don’t expect you to take just our word for it. A visit from ISI inspectors in January 2023 found the School to be ‘Excellent’ in all areas. You can read highlights from the Prep School report here. We’re also really excited that from September 2024 we will be merging with Rye St Antony School and welcoming both girls and boys – you can read more about what this means for your child here.

We can’t wait to meet your child and introduce them to our fabulous school!

Mrs Jane Crouch
Head of Prep, MA, NPQH