Prep Enrichment Activities

We offer a huge variety of activities outside the classroom, with a wide range of teams, clubs and trips on offer.

What children learn in lessons is only a fraction of what goes on at Headington.


Pupils have more than 60 different clubs and activities on offer in the Prep School with lots to choose from in every age group. The selection changes all the time, with new clubs and societies being created and new opportunities on offer. We are mindful that families will have different time commitments outside the core school day so ensure we offer a variety of activities at different times, including before and after school, during lunchtime and at weekends.

What will my child be able to do?

Our full and varied extra-curricular programme includes a whole host of exciting opportunities. Your child could be taking part in everything from sport, to dance, to coding, to languages, to music, to lego, to debating.

We offer individual lessons in Speech and Drama and in a range of different musical instruments.

The most up-to-date information can be found on the portal for current parents. A flavour of some of our most popular activities can be found below

Prep School Enrichment Booklet
Prep School Enrichment Booklet Read the booklet
Prep School Enrichment Booklet

Access To Senior School Facilities

The fantastic facilities at the Prep School are complemented by those over the road at the Senior School which means we can offer a wider range of different clubs, teams and activities. Clubs and activities for Prep School pupils make use of our state-of-the-art Dance and Fitness Centre, Swimming Pool, all-weather pitches and floodlit tennis courts.