Meet Sally

U6 Academic Scholar

Sally joined Headington in L5 from a Hong Kong school. An Academic Scholar and full boarder, Sally is studying Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Music Technology and the EPQ. She sings in jazz choir Soul Train, Dances and took a role in the recent production of ‘The Taming of the Shrew/The Tamer Tamed’. Sally speaks five languages, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German and Korean.

On boarding

It was very nerve wracking when I first joined, the surroundings were unfamiliar, I wasn’t with my parents and I was unused to living with people who I didn’t know. Now I’m much more comfortable, it’s almost like a family. You see these people every day, you get along with them and the boarding staff put on lots of activities. It’s a very friendly atmosphere.

On boarding through COVID

In my first year, I was here for three months then went back to Hong Kong in December and didn’t return for six months which was quite stressful, especially with the time difference, but we were able to catch up. Then last year, I stayed at school and didn’t go back home for the whole year so two quite different challenges! The boarding staff made sure it was comfortable for all of us, they knew what we were going through, especially as we were doing our GCSEs. The staff always made sure there were activities to take our mind off everything else, like baking, and they encouraged us to study but could tell if we were stressed and supported us. My housemistress was very comforting when it was difficult.

On Headington

It’s a very big change from my old school! All the teachers are very welcoming and even though it’s so competitive academically it also has so many activities outside of that. It’s very cheesy, but Headington is genuinely like a family, everyone gets along and there’s always something for everyone. I always wanted to do more music and acting and coming here I was surprised by how much I was able to do, and how many clubs and activities there were. We have made such strong connections and, particularly in the Sixth Form, the relationships with teachers are great too.

On her ambitions

I would like to become Head of Boarding but any position like a boarding prefect would be great, I’m hoping to have a chance to do some kind of role like that. Academically, I’m hoping to do very well but outside of that, I would like to be more involved in Music, Art and Drama. After Headington, I hope to study Medicine, perhaps at UCL or Imperial College London.