Bus partnership

Headington School will operate a new home to school coach service in partnership with Magdalen College School (MCS) from September 2023.  Building on the success of the previous service and informed by the recent parental survey, the new partnership will be based on an extensive network of 12 routes, including a cross-Oxford service. This will be for girls from Year 3 upwards. Additionally, as a new option for 2023, we will also be offering four late coaches, for Senior School pupils only, which will leave Headington between 5.30 pm and 6.00 pm in order to support those who wish to access the huge array of sporting and co-curricular activities that are available after the end of the normal school day. The late buses will have a limited number of stops and will drop off at ‘hubs’ outside of Oxford including some Park and Ride sites.

In planning the new service we have tried to replicate the original Oxford School Bus Partnership routes as far as possible, although inevitably there have been some minor changes to timings and stops in order to reflect changing traffic patterns.  There will be new stops in Marlow, Princes Risborough, Steeple Aston, Lane End and Longworth, ensuring that we can serve as many families as possible within the catchment area of both schools, while minimising journey times for those travelling. However, as we no longer need to make additional stops in North Oxford, we can now be more flexible in our routing to avoid the worst of the Oxford traffic.

We are pleased to confirm that the new coach service will be operated by Horseman, Heyfordian and Pearces, with whom both schools have longstanding relationships.  All of the drivers are DBS checked and the modern, high-specification coaches will have the necessary trackers fitted to allow parents to monitor the location of each vehicle in real-time.

By working together and investing in this new service, Headington and MCS aim to provide an enhanced home to school coach transport network that not only meets the needs of busy working families, but also demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and the environment by reducing the number of car journeys into the city. We hope as many families as possible take advantage of this new service and we look forward to welcoming pupils aboard in September.



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Detailed map of Oxford City Centre stops

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Routes and timetables

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Route 1 - Croughton

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
CroughtonBlackbird PH6.57 am5.28 pm4
AynhoThe Grammar House7.02 am5.23 pm4
AdderburyRed Lion PH7.07 am5.18 pm4
DeddingtonMarket Square 7.12 am5.13 pm4
North Aston TurnA4260, Near layby7.17 am5.08 pm4
Steeple AstonThe Post Office, South Side7.23 am5.02 pm4
Sturdy’s CastleA4260, Sturdy’s CastleN/A4.51 pm3
KidlingtonA4260, Moors Turn7.39 am4.46 pm1
KidlingtonA4260, Gosford Hill7.44 am4.41 pm1
Oxford Parkway Rail Station and P&RA4260, Banbury Road7.48 am4.36 pm1
Magdalen College School8.12 am4.10 pm
Headington School8.20 am4.16 pm

Route 2 - Bicester

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
BicesterMarket Square7.00 am5.16 pm4
Kingsmere (Bicester)Whitelands Way, near Co-Op7.07 am5.09 pm4
WendleburyThe Lion PH7.12 am5.00 pm3
Weston-on-the- GreenOddington Grange (AM)/ The Chequers PH (PM)7.17 am4.57 pm3
IslipDr South's School7.23 am4.50 pm2
BeckleyAbingdon Arms PH7.34 am4.38 pm1
BeckleyVillage Hall7.37 am4.40 pm1
Bayswater RoadShepherd’s Pit Road7.41 amN/A1
Stanton St JohnB4027, public bus stop by Cricket GroundN/A4.34 pm1
Forest HillB4027 Wheatley Road, public bus stop by Powell CloseN/A4.32 pm1
Headington Roundabout Bayswater Road Church (AM)/ London Road by Lyndworth Close (PM)7.43 am4.27 pm1
Headington School7.53 am4.17 pm
Magdalen College School8.00 am4.11 pm

The AM service may start five to ten minutes later from Bicester but we will confirm once we are clearer on the traffic situation in Oxford in September 2023.

Route 3 - Princes Risborough

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
Princes RisboroughA4129 Longwick Road, Tesco6.50 am5.24 pm4
LongwickA4129 Longwick Road, Sportsman’s Garage6.56 am5.18 pm4
ThameAylesbury Road, Cricket Ground7.11 am5.03 pm4
Long CrendonB4011, The Square7.20 am4.54 pm4
Long Crendon B4011, The Angel7.22 am4.52 pm4
ShabbingtonIckford Road7.28 am4.44 pm4
IckfordIckford Road7.31 am4.42 pm3
WorminghallClifden Road, by Almshouses7.33 am4.39 pm3
WheatleyLondon Road, The Glebe7.41 am4.30 pm1
WheatleyPark Hill Roundabout (AM)/ Holton Turn (PM)7.43 am4.28 pm1
Headington (Green Road Roundabout)London Road, opposite Lyndworth Close7.55 am4.21 pm0
Headington School8.05 am4.11 pm
Magdalen College School8.15 am4.05 pm

The AM service may start five minutes later from Princes Risborough but we will confirm once we are clearer on the traffic situation in Oxford in September 2023

Route 4 - Reading

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
ReadingCemetery Junction (Stop E2)6.30 am5.55 pm4
WoodleyA4 London Road, ‘Shepherd’s Hill Top’6.34 am5.50 pm4
TwyfordA321 Carliles Corner6.39 am5.46 pm4
WargraveA321, High Street, Woodcylffe Hall6.42 am5.38 pm4
Henley (Wargrave Rd)A321 Wargrave Road, public bus stop called ‘The Two Brewers’N/A5.30 pm4
Henley (Bell Street)Bell Street, Starbucks (Stop D - AM)/ Bell Street North (PM)6.55 am5.25 pm4
Lower AssendonA4130 Fairmile, nr Smith Centre6.58 am5.22 pm4
BixA4130, Bix Turn7.00 am5.20 pm4
NettlebedA4130, The Old Kiln7.05 am5.15 pm4
Cookley GreenB481, bus shelter7.09 am5.11 pm4
WatlingtonB481 Cuxham Road, Hurdler’s Green7.18 am5.05 pm4
CuxhamB480, Marlbrook7.21 am5.02 pm4
ChalgroveHigh Street, The Crown PH7.27 am4.56 pm4
StadhamptonB480, School Lane7.32 am4.51 pm3
ChiselhamptonB480, The Coach and Horses7.34 am4.49 pm3
B480 – for Garsington/ HorspathB480 Watlington Road, Lidl7.42 am4.41 pm1
Magdalen College School8.10 am4.25 pm
Headington School8.18 am4.10 pm

Route 5 - Marlow

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
MarlowHigh Street, nr Pizza Express7.00 am5.22 pm4
Lane EndB482 Finings Road, Village Hall7.10 am5.12 pm4
Cadmore EndB482 Marlow Road, Cadmore End School7.13 am5.09 pm4
StokenchurchThe King’s Arms Hotel7.18 am5.04 pm4
Great MiltonThe Bull Public House7.33 am4.49 pm3
Great MiltonPotts Close7.34 am4.48 pm3
WheatleyAmbrose Rise7.41 am4.38 pm1
SandhillsA40, nr Thornhill Park & Ride7.47 am4.33 pm1
Headington School8.00 am4.17 pm
Magdalen College School8.10 am4.11 pm

Contingency has been built in to this service in case it needs a longer running time ie an earlier arrival is assumed at Headington and MCS than is required.

Route 6 - Goring

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
GoringB4009, Social Club6.55 am5.31 pm4
StreatleyHigh Street, Swan Hotel6.56 am5.30 pm4
MoulsfordA329, Village Hall7.01 am5.16 pm4
WallingfordMarket Place7.10 am5.09 pm4
Crowmarsh GiffordThe Street, Crowmarsh Church7.11 am5.08 pm4
BensonA4074, Benson Marina7.16 am4.59 pm4
ShillingfordA4074, Shillingford Roundabout7.18 am4.55 pm4
Dorchester VillageHenley Road, MeadsideN/A4.53 pm4
Dorchester VillageHigh Street, Dorchester Abbey7.21 am4.51 pm4
Dorchester VillageAbingdon Road, Sailing Club7.23 am4.49 pm4
BerinsfieldA4074 Layby7.25 am4.46 pm3
Nuneham CourtenayA4074, Baldon Lane7.30 am4.44 pm2
Sandford on ThamesHenley Road, Rock Farm Lane7.35 am4.37 pm1
LittlemoreOxford Road, Dudgeon Drive7.38 am4.34 pm1
Magdalen College School8.08 am4.22 pm
Headington School8.15 am4.10 pm

If journey times allow in the morning, this service will also serve Dorchester Meadside. This will be reviewed in September 2023.

Route 7 - Didcot

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
DidcotBroadway, The Marlborough Club7.10 am5.29 pm4
Sutton CourtenayHigh Street, The Triangle7.18 am5.24 pm4
Sutton CourtenayB4016, George & Dragon PH7.20 am5.22 pm4
CulhamHigh Street, The Glebe7.25 am5.17 pm3
AbingdonA415, Stratton Way, Stop A1 (AM)/ A415 Stert Street Stop A9 (PM)7.30 am4.57 pm3
Abingdon Oxford Road, Tesco7.32 am4.56 pm3
AbingdonOxford Road, Boundary House7.33 am4.55 pm3
AbingdonOxford Road, Peachcroft Road7.36 am4.53 pm3
RadleyFoxborough Road, Radley Station7.41 am4.48 pm2
KenningtonKennington Road, Pebble Hill7.45 am4.43 pm1
KenningtonThe Avenue, Bagley Wood Road7.48 am4.40 pm1
KenningtonKennington Road, Upper Road7.49 am4.38 pm1
Magdalen College School8.10 am4.25 pm
Headington School8.18 am4.10 pm

Route 8 - Faringdon

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
FaringdonHenry Blake Way, Retail Park6.50 am5.50 pm4
Buckland (A420)A420, Buckland Turn6.55 am5.45 pm4
SouthmoorSpring Hill7.06 am5.31 pm4
Kingston BagpuizeFaringdon Road, Latton Close7.09 am5.29 pm4
Kingston Bagpuize Faringdon Road, School Lane7.12 am5.27 pm4
Kingston Bagpuize A415, Petypher Gardens7.13 am5.26 pm4
AppletonOaksmere, Park Lane7.21 am5.16 pm2
BesselsleighA420, The Greyhound7.26 amN/A2
CumnorGlebe Road, The Vine Inn7.30 am5.12 pm1
Cumnor HillColegrove Down7.32 amN/A1
Seacourt P&RBotley Road (outside P&R)7.36 amN/A 1
Magdalen College School8.10 am4.25 pm
Headington School8.16 am4.10 pm

Botley Road is scheduled to temporarily close for a few months to enable improvements to be undertaken to Oxford Rail Station. The timetable above shows the stops served when Botley Road is open but during the closure it will not be possible to serve Cumnor Hill or Seacourt P&R. However, please note that the timings indicate the AM pick ups assuming Botley Road is closed ie the times represent a worse-case scenario. When Botley Road is open, it is anticipated that home end pick up times will be 10 to 15 minutes later. Similarly, it is anticipated that PM journey times will be shorter than those indicated above.

Route 9 - Chipping Norton

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
Chipping NortonWest Street, Town Hall 7.00 am5.23 pm4
Chipping Norton Golf Club (Southcombe Garage)A44, London Road7.05 am5.20 pm4
EnstoneA44, Enstone Green7.15 am5.08 pm4
Wootton TurnA44, Duke of Marlborough PH7.25 am5.00 pm3
WoodstockA44, Blenheim Palace7.30 am4.55 pm3
BegbrokeA44, The Royal Sun7.33 am4.52 pm1
YarntonA44, Sandy Lane7.35 am4.50 pm1
WolvercoteWoodstock Road, Wolvercote Roundabout7.45 amN/A*0
North Oxford Woodstock Road, South Parade West7.47 amN/A*0
North Oxford/ JerichoWoodstock Road, Canterbury Road7.49 amN/A*0
Magdalen College School8.05 am4.10 pm
Headington School8.15 am4.16 pm

This service serves Woodstock Road in the AM but in the PM the coach routes out of Oxford via Headington rather than via Headington Hill/South Parks Road. *In the afternoon, pupils can use Route 11 using stops on the Banbury Road. If future traffic measures in Oxford make it feasible for the coach to route via Headington Hill/ Longwall Street, the service will serve Woodstock Road in the PM too.

Route 10 - Longworth

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
LongworthCow Lane, public bus stop called 'The Square'6.50 am5.32 pm4
Kingston BagpuizeFaringdon Road, public bus stop near Frax Close6.54 am5.27 pm4
West HanneyChurch Street7.06 am5.17 pm4
East HanneyMain Street, The Black Horse7.11 am5.15 pm4
FrilfordA415, Petrol Station 7.20 amN/A4
MarchamNorth Street, Post Office7.24 am5.03 pm3
CothillThe Merry Miller PH7.28 amN/A3
Gozzards FordFaringdon Road, Black Horse PHN/A4.57 pm3
Wootton (seniors only)Fox Lane, Premier Bikes7.32 am4.53 pm3
Foxcombe RoadLincombe Lane7.36 am4.49 pm2
Boars HillJarn Way/ Berkeley Road7.39 am4.46 pm2
Hinksey Hill (Top)Top - Hinksey Hill/ Foxcombe Road junction7.42 am4.41 pm1
Hinksey Hill (Bottom)Bottom - Near Betty Lane7.44 am4.39 pm1
Redbridge P&RBus stand7.49 am4.36 pm0
Magdalen College School8.05 am4.25 pm
Headington School8.13 am4.10 pm

The AM service may start five to ten minutes later from Longworth but we will confirm once we are clearer on the traffic situation in Oxford in September 2023

Route 11 - Finstock

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
FinstockHigh Street, Stranges Farm6.47 am5.44 pm4
CharlburyRailway Station7.00 am5.36 pm4
CharlburyB4022, Wychwood Close7.02 am5.38 pm4
StonesfieldWoodstock Road, Prospect Close7.11 am5.25 pm3
CombeChurch Walk, The Cock Inn7.16 am5.20 pm3
Long Hanborough A4095, Wasties Orchard7.21 am5.15 pm3
Long HanboroughA4095, Hanborough Station7.26 am5.10 pm3
BladonA4095, Nr White House PH7.28 am5.07 pm3
CuttesloweBanbury Road, Five Mile Drive7.46 am4.50 pm0
North OxfordBanbury Road – Upland Park Road7.50 am4.45 pm0
North OxfordBanbury Road –Summertown Shops7.54 am4.40 pm0
North OxfordBanbury Road – Linton Road7.58 am4.37 pm0
Oxford: Banbury Road Park Town8.00 am4.35 pm0
Magdalen College School8.10 am4.25 pm
Headington School8.16 am4.10 pm

Route 12 - Gerrards Cross

StopStop DescriptionAMPMFARE ZONE
Gerrards CrossB416 Windsor Rd, Dukes Kiln DriveN/A5.36 pm4
Gerrards CrossB416 Windsor Rd, Hedgerley Lane6.52 am5.35 pm4
Gerrards CrossA40 Oxford Road, Bulstrode Court6.55 am5.32 pm4
BeaconsfieldA40 London End, Saracen’s Head7.06 am5.20 pm4
Handy Cross (for High Wycombe)High Wycombe Coachway P&R (Waitrose)7.20 am5.02 pm4
LewknorM40 Jn 6 Lewknor Turn 7.35 am4.38 pm4
Headington School8.07 am4.11 pm
Magdalen College School8.17 am4.05 pm


The fares below are for the whole academic year, which can be paid in full when booking, or in two instalments (August and February). The fares are dependent on which zone you are in and are as follows.

AM & PMAM Only or PM Only
Zone 0£700£490
Zone 1£975£685
Zone 2£1,650£1,155
Zone 3£1,800£1,260
Zone 4£1,950£1,365

Purchase of the Zonal pass gives Senior School pupils complete flexibility of being able to use any stop for that service within lower zones. For example, a Zone 4 pass enables travel in Zones 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4. Whilst this will also be possible for Prep pupils in some circumstances, this will be subject to discussion and agreement between the School and parents.

It is also possible to book at no extra cost and subject to demand:

  • on to separate routes for the morning and afternoon, eg Route 3 in the morning , Route 2 in the afternoon
  • on to two different services where pupils need to travel to different home locations during the week eg Route 4 Monday to Wednesday and Route 6 on Thursday and Friday

Part-week bookings will only be available on the late bus service, for all normal routes parents must purchase a full-time pass.

Sibling Discounts : 15 per cent on the second child’s fare, and a 30 per cent discount on any subsequent child travelling to and/or from Headington School or Magdalen College School. Please note that the sibling discount does not apply on the late bus service.

We subsidise the Bus Partnership as part of our commitment to encouraging sustainable transport to school.

Late buses

We are delighted to be able to offer four late buses for Senior School pupils only, leaving school between 5.30 pm – 5.45 pm Monday to Friday. These will travel to one of four transport ‘hubs’ in different locations around Oxfordshire and beyond to ease the onward journey home for those taking advantage of after-school clubs and activities. Please note we will be reviewing the timings of after-school activities to ensure that as many of the girls can use the late bus as possible. This process will take place over the coming months and the activities programme will be published ahead of the new school year.

LATE Bus RouteStop description
LATE Bus ADeparts Headington School
North Oxford: Park Town
Summertown Shops
North Oxford: Upland Park Road
Water Eaton Park & Ride
LATE Bus BDeparts Headington School
Thornhill Park & Ride
LATE Bus CDeparts Headington School
Redbridge Park & Ride
LATE Bus DDeparts Headington School
Stanton Harcourt

Parents will be able to sign up during the first week of term to book their child’s seats on the late coach in advance for the term. These will be charged at a cost of £5 per journey (no sibling discount will apply to this fare).


All current pupils, and new pupils joining in September 2023, will be notified when coach booking for the 2023-24 academic year opens in May 2023. This is for all pupils who will be in Year 3 or above from September. We recommend booking early to secure your place.