Meet Li-Da

Li-Da Kruger left Headington School in 1990 after being a weekly boarder at Napier. Most memories of her time at Headington are sporting ones; Li-Da was the School Hockey captain and was a member of the Netball and Swimming team. As well as a Headingtonian, Li-Da is a recent school governor at Headington and gave the speech at the annual Prize Giving ceremony in 2022.

After leaving school, Li-Da always knew that she wanted to work in film. From being a TV runner, Li-Da worked her way up the ladder learning how to be a researcher, producer and director exploring the very different skills, finding that writing was an essential skill in this industry. In 2003, Li-Da’s documentary titled ‘Belonging’ received a prestigious TV award nomination, marking a significant milestone in her career.

Another documentary she created, ‘Prue Leith: Journey with my Daughter’, was a collaboration with her mother and led her to connect with The Nginn Karet Foundation for Cambodia, a charitable organisation that she remains actively involved with. Additionally, Li-Da co-founded DNA
Cambodia, another charity aimed at reuniting Cambodian families with their lost relatives through DNA analysis.

Li-Da’s proudest moment in her career is starting her own TV production company RELISH, built on wanting to champion and nurture female opportunities and diverse voices.

“My top tips, learned over the years, are: try not to compare yourself to what other people are doing, believe in yourself and trust your instincts and lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for advice.

“Adults generally want to help – as it’s your brilliant, young, questioning minds that will take us forward into the future.”