Meet Ruby

Year 6 musician

Ruby joined Headington in Year 5 from a state primary school. She plays Flute and Piano and is in the School Orchestra and Chamber Choir. She also takes part in clubs including story writing, Drama, Cricket, Debating and Music Production.

On Music at Headington

It’s super fun. You get to try out different instruments in the music lessons – I just love it. In my old school I did singing lessons up to Grade 3 so I’m taking it on from there, I was in the Ensemble Concert and had a chance to perform at the Senior School too, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to. I hope next year I will be able to as I was the only Prep School pupil invited and I felt so honoured. I have had lots of opportunities to perform, it’s very different to what I had done before.

On Headington

You can just be who you want to be. You can embrace all the curriculum activities.

On her ambitions

I want to be a person who is really, really good at Drama and Music when I grow up. I’m looking forward to being an actress or something similar. By the end of my time at Prep School, I would like to be on Grade 4 Flute and I would also like to get a lead role in the Year 6 play. When I go to Senior School, I want to join the Orchestra and Drama Club.