Meet Libby

U5 Academic and Music Scholar

Libby joined Headington in the Prep School in Year 1. An academic and music scholar, Libby also enjoys dancing as part of Headington Dance Academy. She has achieved Grade 8 in voice and violin and now focuses on playing music for enjoyment. For GCSEs, she will take Physics, Maths and Latin (her favourite subjects) along with Biology, Chemistry, Further Maths, English Literature and Language, French, History and Geography.

On Music

Music is a big part of my life at Headington. I join as many music clubs and ensembles as possible. I get to perform solos a lot because tere are regular lunchtime and teatime concerts and I especially love all the activities in the Summer Term, there’s a Battle of the Bands, last term there was a Concerto Competition which I entered – just so many different opportunities!

On what makes Headington special

Headington is really special because I feel it’s a very warm environment which caters for all sorts of abilities and personalities. It’s quite a relaxed environment so people who study or learn in different ways than other people are all catered for. It’s also just really fun! There are lots of opportunities to explore all parts of your personality and push yourself to the limits. It’s really helped me broaden my horizons and try something new – for example, I didn’t know I could dance before I came here.

On the teachers

The teachers have been very compassionate with me. When I first came to Headington, I was very shy, very closed off but teachers in different lessons gave me so many opportunities to speak up and to raise my opinion – I never had that sort of opportunity before and I believe that really helped me as a person.

On where she sees herself at graduation

At the end of my seven years at Headington, I hope to see myself as a more confident person, able to express myself in a clearer and more easily understandable way. While I am happy to go on stage and ‘hide’ behind my violin, I do have confidence issues. In public speaking it’s just me and the audience. I hope when I go into upper school to take advantage of more public speaking opportunities so I can develop those skills which I believe is essential when I go into the workforce.