The 1915 Club

Join the 1915 Club to help raise vital support for Headington’s Bursary Fund.

Bursaries have always played an important part in Headington’s commitment to providing an excellent education for as many promising pupils as our resources will allow, regardless of their financial situation. By joining the 1915 Club, your support, however modest, holds the power to profoundly impact someone’s life. We are delighted to invite you to become a member of the 1915 Club, where your contribution will play a pivotal role in championing our Bursary Fund.

Through regular donations of £19.15, your generosity will collectively pave the way for deserving individuals to access transformative educational opportunities. Simply pledge to give on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Every donation, regardless of its size, is greatly appreciated and contributes significantly to our mission of making a Headington education an accessible one. Additionally, single donations and all forms of generosity are warmly welcomed into our Bursary Fund, further enhancing its impact.

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