Careers & Higher Education

One of the most important things we do in Sixth Form is to prepare you for the next stages. Whether that is to university and higher education, the route chosen by the vast majority of our girls, or into the workplace through one of the many prestigious school leaver programmes or workplace-based degrees now available, we are here to support you.

How will Headington help me?

We will provide you with lots of support in both making your decision and preparing you for the process of interviews and applications. Perhaps most importantly, the increased independence Sixth Form offers and the challenge of managing and being responsible for your own learning will make you ready for the world of work or university.

Where will I go?

Girls go on to study a huge range of different subjects and career paths. These are some of the highlights from the class of 2021-2022.

Biology (Human Biology) – Bath Spa University
Pre-professional foundation year in professional dance and musical theatre -Bird College
Economics – Birmingham
Politics and Economics – Cardiff
Business Management (International Management) – Cardiff University
Nursing (Adult) – Cardiff University
Italian and Spanish – Cardiff University
International Relations and Politics – Cardiff University
International Relations – Cardiff University
Modern European Languages and History (with Year Abroad) – Durham University
Archaeology and Anthropology – Durham University
Law with foundation year – Durham University
Design – Goldsmiths, University of London
Medicine – Hong Kong University
Civil Engineering – Imperial College, London
International Development – KCL
Religion, Philosophy and Ethics – KCL
Political Economy – KCL
Philosophy – KCL
Psychology and Spanish Studies – Lancaster University
Computer Science (with a Year in Industry) – Lancaster University
Marketing – Lancaster University
Physiotherapy – Leicester University
BA in Contemporary Dance – London Contemporary Dance School
BA in Contemporary Dance – London Contemporary Dance School
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence – Loughborough University
Business Economics and Finance (with placement year) – Loughborough University
Accounting and Finance – LSE
Economics and Business Economics – Netherlands
Zoo Biology – Nottingham Trent University
Animation – Nottingham Trent University
Public Policy – Princeton University, USA
International Relations with Business Management – QMUL
Material Science and Engineering – QMUL
Medicine – QMUL
Fashion – Ravensbourne University, London
University of Bath – Sport and Exercise Science
Economics (International) – St Andrew’s
Business and Management Studies – Sussex
Civil Engineering -University of Edinburgh
Politics, Sociology and East European Studies – UCL
Statistical Science (International Programme) – UCL
History and Politics of the Americas with a Year Abroad – UCL
Economics – UCL
Liberal Arts – UCL
University of Amsterdam
Business (with professional placements) – University of Bath
Intergrated Mechanical and Electrical Engineering – University of Bath
Management – University of Bath
Physiotherapy – University of Birmingham
International Relations and Development – University of Birmingham
Veterinary Science – University of Bristol
Economics – University of Bristol
Theatre and Film – University of Bristol
Natural Sciences – University of Cambridge
Land Economy – University of Cambridge
Computer Science – University of Cambridge
Law – University of Cambridge
Zoology – University of Exeter
Geography – University of Exeter
History of Art – University of Kent
Geography – University of Nottingham
Classics – University of Oxford
Classics – University of Oxford
University of Singapore
Geography and Population Studies – University of Southampton
Geography – University of Southampton
Economics and International Relations – University of Sussex
Applied Movement Science in the College of Education (Kinesiology) – University of Texas
Fine Art – University of the Arts, London
Fashion Styling and Production – University of the Arts, London
Textile Design – University of the Arts, London
Rotman Commerce – University of Toronto
Philosophy and Literature – University of Warwick
Engineering – University of Warwick
Economics – University of Warwick
Political Science and Economics – Wellesley College, USA

What does a typical Headington girl go on to do as a career?

There is no straight answer to this as there is no typical Headington girl. While we have lots of former girls working as, for example, doctors or lawyers, we also have girls pursuing careers in the Arts, in business, in engineering; indeed in every field imaginable.

Our job is to make sure you have all the tools and information to make the right decision about which path you wish to follow. If you have no idea which path is right for you that’s okay too – we will help you look at your options and encourage you to make the right decision for you. Girls also have the chance to be a part of our vibrant and global professional networking community via Headington Connect.

First thoughts about the future

Girls are first invited to consider their future as far down the School as L4, aged 12 or 13, as they explore different careers through various activities. As they get older, we help them further explore the possibilities and options for them, looking at CVs, practicing interview technique and learning more about the realities and requirements of different careers. Additional bespoke services are offered as the girls become clearer about their strengths and weaknesses and where they see themselves after Headington.

Tailored Support

In the Sixth Form, you will benefit from:

  • Expert guidance for UCAS applications
  • Annual Higher Education evening
  • Annual careers fairs and careers advice in tutor time, assemblies and PSHE
  • Visits and talks from representatives from specific universities
  • One to one advice and support from tutors and Higher Education mentors
  • Fortnightly Higher Education mentoring from Spring Term of L6
  • Preparation for university admissions tests
  • Headington Futures programme
  • Critical and Creative Thinking curriculum (help with future employability)
  • Academic Skills lessons to help you attain the grades you need for university or apprenticeships
  • Advice on apprenticeship and other direct-to-work programmes

You may also choose to take advantage of:

  • Specialist programmes for Oxbridge, Law, Architecture and Medicine applications
  • Help with applications to universities overseas
  • Information and advice about gap years
  • Subject specific visits to universities
  • Lectures from university professors in a range of different subjects
  • Bespoke mentoring programme
  • Networking events organised by our Development Office in areas including Law and Media

Whether you are a future chef, a research scientist or a hedge fund manager, we will make sure you are ready for the next step on the road towards your goal.