U10 Netball v The Manor

Thursday 2nd Feb

U10A U10B
1 Isobel S Isobel M
2 Emma Jady
3 Evie Sofia
4 Ruby Maya
5 Isla Jenna 
6 Esme Eva
Won 10 – 0 Won 7 – 0


U10 A: Won 10 – 0

Player of the match Emma 

This was an excellent display of Netball. The U10 team showed good team play and passed the ball confidently up the court. They worked well together and made good progress with their defensive skills as the game went on. It was a positive learning experience and a number of the team contributed to the goal tally. Well played everyone.


U10B: Won 7- 0

Player of the match Isobel 

A wonderful game of Netball with the team showing good attacking play. They passed the ball well through the centre court and took their chances when in the goal circle. A fantastic win for the U10B team – well played.