Year 6 Bushcrafting

Year 6 took to Badminton Woods with their roll mats and backpacks for a three-day stay in the forest.

Upon arrival, the girls set about creating their very own bespoke woodland shelters (some boasted fern jacuzzis and pine cone allotments!). A few were even brave enough to sleep in their shelters under the stars that night.

The trip was jam-packed with activities, from making fires and cooking their own pizzas to archery, axe-throwing and first aid skills.

These skills were put to the test when the group ‘stumbled across’ a crisis and found their teachers needed rescuing.

The trip culminated in an all-singing, all-dancing and certainly all-comedy ‘Tribe’s Got Talent’ on the final night.

Together with three days of tribal chanting and a lot of camo face paint, it’s safe to say a hot shower and some quiet time was much needed upon their return.

Mrs Vicky Horrobin, Year 6 teacher, said “The girls really rose to the challenge of Bushcraft and embraced every opportunity – I couldn’t believe it when Isa and Olivia ate the fish eye!

“They all showed great collaboration, perseverance and resilience throughout the trip and I can honestly say, when I was being rescued from ‘the crisis’, I have never felt in such safe hands!”