Prep Art Roundup Autumn

It’s been a very busy and exciting half term in the Art room that culminated in festive crafts and baking! The children produced stunning ceramic creations that are awaiting firing and glazing in the New Year.

Year 3 created eye-catching Roman shields and sparkly Viking inspired brooches inspired by the Viking and Roman artefacts they had been looking at in their topic. They look magnificent.

Year 4 designed and made Christmas Tree bird decorations using felt and decorative thread. The range of designs and added features such as tiny hats and scarves for the birds was wonderful to see. The level of excitement when baking Christmas star biscuits was a joy to see.

Year 5 flexed their engineering muscles and produced pop-up cards on the theme of ‘Winter Wonderland’. The cards included at least two pop up mechanisms and three layers of scenery. The level of creativity was outstanding. Year 5 also learnt the fine art of pastry making and produced delicious mince pies that filled the art room with the scent of Christmas.

Year 6 continued their theme of sustainability and produced Christmas cards using recycled clothes and off cuts of fabric and ribbon. Their festive baking had an Italian theme this year and the girls produced delicious chocolate chip biscotti!