EYFS Construction Club

Girls in Nursery and Reception have loved discovering exciting ways to build in the new EYFS Construction Club. They have learnt everything about buildings, measuring, safety and infrastructure by using a variety of materials such as Lego, cups, paper, Mobilo, straws, wood, junk and much much more!

In Construction Club, the girls are challenged to think creatively, use a range of resources, develop their problem solving, demonstrate their perseverance, work collaboratively and explore their own inventiveness.

During the first weeks, girls worked on buildings that could be found around a city, such as schools, hospitals, houses, bank offices and shops. The girls used junk modelling to create their own infrastructures, learnt about the purposes of many premises and spotted some buildings we could find near the School.

We also investigated three different building structures: towers, bridges and pyramids. We had the chance to discuss how those structures have changed in the last centuries and even watch the most amazing ones around the world! They put their learning into practice by working so hard at making strong structures by using bricks, cups and other resources. They demonstrated great problem solving skills, teamwork, engagement and perseverance when challenged to work cooperatively in small and big groups.

By using STEM values and providing the girls with enriching challenges, the EYFS girls are making the most of Tuesday evenings after school. Construction Club is a perfect time to be imaginative and free!

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