U5 Middle School Graduation Party

Girls celebrated the end of their GCSEs with a special Graduation Party.

The day after the final GCSE examination, the U5 celebrated the end of a long GCSE journey at the Middle School Graduation Party.

There was plenty of frivolity, as students returned to school dressed in their best attire, and partied the night away, to acknowledge the immense work they have done during the last two years.

The student body were instrumental to all of the decisions of the evening; from the Casino theme and decorations, to the Main Hall venue, the food and drink offering, to the music playlists. It was an event for U5, created by U5.

The Head of Year Trio of Trin, Phoebe and Ellie had created a ‘Superlatives Awards’, naming students ‘Most Likely To…’, all voted for by the year group, and later in the evening shocked their peers with a choreographed, and costumed, performance of Abba’s ‘Mamma Mia’.

Head of Year Mr Phil Macken said: “It was a wonderful way to end their year, and their time in Middle School, as in September, they begin their Sixth Form journey.“