The ‘Scottish play’ comes to Watermill

As part of their study of ‘Macbeth’ in English this term, L4 girls enjoyed a suitably spooky production of ‘the Scottish play’ at the beautiful Watermill Theatre in Bangor near Newbury.

This youthful, energetic production used music, sound, lighting and set to create an unforgettable performance of the play.

Hebe said: “I thought the most successful part of the play was the use of music because it built tension, created atmosphere and made the whole play more enjoyable and engaging.”

Ayanna added: “I think this production of Macbeth was especially memorable and very different from how I thought it was going to be. Many of the castings were a surprise, for example, Banquo and Malcolm being female. It was also a more modern take on the play, with regards to costume, set and song choices.”

And Beatrice said: “One of my favourite actors was Lady Macbeth, as I thought she was a phenomenal actor and singer. Her relationship with Macbeth was something I really didn’t expect, as it was a lot more intimate and loving than I had picked up from reading the script. I would jump at the opportunity to go again and probably will.”

Girls had the chance to reflect on and evaluate the production back in school and this will enrich their ongoing study of the play.