The Rhetoric Cup Final 2019

Pupils in L5 provided a feast of fantastic public speaking in the Rhetoric Cup final on Monday 24th June.

All entrants delivered a speech to their English class on a topic of their choice and the best speaker from each class was selected to deliver their speech to the whole year group. These finalists spoke powerfully and persuasively on a wide range of subjects, including cultural appropriation, fast fashion, the criminal justice system, mental health and the pros and cons of being an introvert. The audience was fully engaged both by their creative use of language and their excellent delivery.

The hardest job of the morning, however, was reserved for the adjudicator and Deputy Head Dr Jennette Jefferies, who, after much deliberation, named Abi as our winner.

Abi’s speech, entitled “Complaining: how not to solve your problems“, offered a hugely positive message for us all about thinking positively. Among other things, she reminded us that most people spend six months in their lives complaining and only three and a half months laughing, so she left the audience determined to spend more time having fun and less time moaning. Abi will be presented with the Rhetoric Cup in Prize Giving at the end of this term.

Head of English, Mr Stephen Dilley said: “Thank you to all of L5 and particularly our eight finalists for delivering such illuminating and inspiring speeches!”