The Real Game 2019

The L4 dipped their toes into the world of work by taking part in the Real Game on Friday 26th April and Monday 29th April. The Real Game is a series of fun classroom-based activities that aims to teach girls about the opportunities and the responsibilities of adult life.

The girls create characters from their given career. This year, we met people such as Bilda Hedge – the landscape gardener, Izzy Fline – Charter Pilot, Selma Homes – the estate agent and Menda Pipes – the plumber. Once a character is established, the girls then design business cards, write CVs and plan monthly budgets according to their given salary. One of the girls said on the subject: “Budgeting is really hard and has so many components to it, I will try and save money in the future.”

The two days were concluded by a talk from our guest speaker Sarah Barrett-Ball who inspired the students to always believe in themselves and to aspire to achieve their full potential.

On the conclusion of the Real Game, another of the girls said: “Never be scared of the mountains that you have to climb. When you reach the top you will realise that it was easy after all.”