Scholars’ Concert 2024

At the end of the Spring Term, 22 Music Scholars performed in their annual event, which took place in the prestigious venue of Jacqueline Du Pré Music Building at St Hilda’s College.

The concert featured a programme of well-known pieces of various genres and styles, written for piano, violin, voice, saxophone, horn, clarinet, flute and cello. The girls revealed their immense enthusiasm for music and captured the large audience with passionate playing.

The cover for the concert programme includes an original drawing of the famous cellist Jacqueline Du Pré made by one of the scholars, Jingtong (U5).

Jackie (U4) said: “I liked playing in the Jaqueline Du Pre building since it is an amazing venue with a great piano. I also loved listening to the other scholars’ pieces and songs.”

Reese (U3) said: “It was such an exciting experience being able to perform in the Jaqueline Du Pré building. The Music Scholars are very lucky to be able to get together in this way, despite it being such a busy time of year. We were very lucky to be able to enjoy each other’s music.”