Rainforest Explorers

On Wednesday 20th March, the Year 6 girls visited the Living Rainforest near Newbury. The topic for our guided tours was ‘sustainability’ and the visit came at the end of a term-long study of the rainforests, how they are changing and what we can do to help avoid deforestation of these precious habitats.

There was a very positive message from the rainforest team that even very small changes can make a difference and slow down rates of rainforest destruction. As an example, we can choose Rainforest Alliance certified chocolate and Fairtrade bananas to ensure that great swathes of rainforest are not destroyed by mono-culture. The message was that we can continue to enjoy some of our favourite foods from the rainforest (like brazil nuts and coffee) but that this won’t be possible in the future if we don’t alter the way our products are farmed and sold.

The girls demonstrated fantastic knowledge and curiosity and all tour guides complimented us on the behaviour and interest of the Year 6 group.