Prof AC Grayling returns to Philosophy Cafe

Girls from both Middle School and Sixth Form were treated to a Philosophy masterclass by Prof A C Grayling from the New College of the Humanities at the Philosophy Café on Thursday 21st March.

Prof Grayling spoke to more than 30 girls – along with a number of interested members of staff – about Philosophy’s two great questions ‘How can I know?’ and ‘How ought I to live?’. This session of the Philosophy Café was the very first student event in the newly constructed glass-fronted extension to the Sixth Form Centre.

A very lively discussion followed, with girls from various year groups asking questions that covered a wide variety of topics, ranging from logic to ethics and politics. Prof Grayling also shared some of his favourite anecdotes from the world of Philosophy. It was Prof Grayling’s third visit to our Philosophy Cafe, having previously addressed the idea that we live in a ‘post-truth’ world in 2017 and the notion that Religious Studies shouldn’t be taught in schools in 2014.

Prof Grayling finished by inviting girls to take part in a philosophy seminar at the New College for the Humanities. Philosophy Cafe organiser and Pastoral Director of Sixth Form Mr Simon Drew said: “This is an offer that we are most definitely going to take up!”

Prof AC Grayling addresses audience of girls sitting on chairs