Prayer Space give girls a time to unwind

During our most busy exam period when all the girls at Headington are facing tests, a prayer space has been set up in the Chapel room and Lea Library.

With the express aim of providing an anti-anxiety zone, girls are invited to pause from revision, rest, engage in mindful colouring, pray and be at a peace. Amongst the activities of writing thoughts or prayers on luggage labels or pebbles relating to hopes, challenges and fears, there’s an encouragement to ‘do nothing’ for a while.

Chaplain Tom Howell said: “The verse on the Chapel is particularly pertinent at this stressful time of the year, ‘be still and know that I am God’ …implicitly the message we’re trying to send out is that there is something even more important than excelling in exams: knowing that we are all of inherent value, of infinite value – a value that doesn’t diminish or increase depending on results. My hope and expectation is that those girls who come during their revision breaks and at lunchtimes will receive this truth and, as a secondary benefit, approach their exams with more peace and calm.”