One Day Film School

Girls in the U4 keen on picking up tips and tricks from the film industry spent a day with the One Day Film School.

At the event on 27th January, the girls had an introduction followed by a short lesson in fight choreography. They were then tasked with putting their learning into use, creating and editing together their own three-shot silent films on iPads provided by the Film School. Their creations were then put on the big screen for everyone to see, while teachers provided comments which would help them in the next activity.

Next, the groups were given an hour and a half to create their own 10-shot films. Given the short time frame, groups were forced into being creative to generate their visions.

Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan joined the Film School for the final screenings and ‘Oscars’ presentation. The teachers were enthralled by the remarkable improvement in their films using the camera tips, editing tips, framing tips and more that they’d picked up throughout the day.

Mr Ed Boase, co-founder of the One Day Film School said: “The Best Picture Oscar decision was particularly tough… huge congrats to the winning team behind ‘Following the Witness’, a tension-filled mini-masterpiece. Fantastic performances, atmospheric camerawork and superb editing made for one of the best films produced this year.”

The girls said: “The One Day Film School gave me a totally new look on drama and taught me many different techniques, such as: what makes a good director and producer; the best angles to film with; and how drama is more than just acting. Overall the One Day Film School was so much fun and I would love to do it again!” – Tilly, U4

“I really enjoyed the One Day Film School as I got to learn more about what actors/actresses do, but those who work behind the scenes of movies, such as screen writers, and how much they contribute to the overall finished product. It was interesting finding this out as you usually learn about the main directors, actors or producers so it was engaging learning something new.” – Roshani, U4

“The One Day Film School was amazing! It really made me understand the film world so much better and truly inspired me to go into film studies when I’m older. It was also really fun to have a great day doing something creative with my friends!” – Lydia, U4

Mr Phil Macken, Headington’s Director of Drama, said: “This was a fantastic event and it was great to see the girls so engaged in all different aspects of the film-making process. Considering the time available, their final films were really impressive and they should be proud of what they achieved during the day.”

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