Grace designs PE with Joe logo

A Headington pupil has won a contest to design a logo for the fitness craze which is sweeping the nation.

More than 20 million people have downloaded or live streamed one of The Body Coach Joe Wicks’ daily workouts aimed at children, dubbed PE with Joe.

Mr Wicks launched the free YouTube 30-minute sessions when it was announced that UK schools would close, with the first workout airing on Monday 23rd March and new programmes broadcasting every weekday since.

All advertising revenue from the shows has been diverted towards NHS charities and to further boost fundraising for the vital services, Mr Wicks launched a competition for his fitness enthusiasts to design a logo for a T-shirt which would be sold in aid of the cause.

With thousands of entries coming in from all over the globe, Mr Wicks chose the design by Grace, a L4 pupil at Headington.

Grace created the log in iPadPro, featuring a globe, an image of Mr Wicks working out – complete with cast as the popular trainer broke his arm the weekend before commencing the programme – and the legend P.E. with Joe Wicks encircling the globe.

Her success was announced live on PE with Joe on Friday 24th April.

Grace said she found out about the competition – along with thousands of others – while completing one of the workouts with her mother.

She said: “I really enjoy creative activities and liked the sounds of the challenge. I wanted to make it clear that the whole world is involved in his exercises, plus it was important to show Joe and portray some of his personality.

“I was definitely surprised to winas there were thousands of entries and I didn’t think that I had a chance! I was shocked and extremely happy.”

She said she would “definitely” be buying the T-shirt – along the rest of my family, grandparents, aunts, uncle and friends.

Her mum, Emily said it “made our morning” and added: “There have been a few tears!”