Focus on Modern China in History lecture

The History Department was honoured to host Prof Rana Mitter, professor of History and Politics in Modern China at Oxford University, for a lecture on Tuesday 11th February.

Prof Mitter spoke to girls ranging from L5 to U6 on China’s last century, focusing particularly on the authoritarian regime of Mao Zedong and China’s role within the Cold War. He made fascinating connections to other key figures in China’s history including the philosopher Confucius, arguing that Mao and the Communist Party made frequent references to and use of Confucian ideas.

In the convivial cafe area of the new Sixth Form Cube, students were able to relax, listen and question the professor on his interpretations of twentieth century China at the end of the talk.

Head of History Mrs Helen Rose said: “We are enormously grateful to Prof Mitter for his generosity and a captivating, hugely-relevant talk.”