École des Loges

After weeks of writing to each other, Mme Virginie Crépeau’s U4 class finally met their French pen pals on Monday 1st July.

The pen pals spent the day filming around Hillstow boarding house, with the French and English girls forming teams to film an advert to sell an English product like Marmite, HP sauce or scones.

The winning group was advertising the HP sauce and decided that it would be good to use HP sauce as a cream to look younger and healthier and ended up spreading HP on their arms. Pourquoi pas??

In the afternoon, the girls and teachers were treated to afternoon tea in the Dining Hall.

Tuesday 2nd July was a ‘normal’ school day during which the French pupils were shadowing their English pen pals in lessons. They started the day with a fun French / English cultural quiz and a music / singing French / English battle.

Mme Crépeau said: “We can now say that Headington and École des Loges have both got talent.

“Au revoir, École des Loges it was a pleasure to welcome you these two days.”