Dragons’ STEM Elective

This year’s Dragons’ STEM Elective brought an impressive set of L6 students in front of a new panel of discerning potential investors.

The elective entrepreneurs presented weeks of planning, research, design and scientific experimentation covering projects as diverse as chemical cooling blankets, natural hair bleaching and electromagnetically powered LED slippers. All the participants spoke enthusiastically about their work and stood up extremely well to a barrage of technical and financial questions from the dragons.

Head of French Mme Virginie Crepeau played hardball at times, sceptical of the potential market for some products, while Mrs Holly Stafford, Head of Business, drilled down into business plans before offering financial support. More easily swayed, Mr Gerallt Skym, Head of Physics, and Mr Matthew Howe, Head of Computer Science, spotted merit and novelty in the less conventional offerings and invested nearly all their chocolate.

In the end all four dragons had to admit that they had been ‘genuinely impressed with the quality of the pitches’. Well done to all the STEM Elective students!