Conspiracy theorists spark debate with ‘The Triangle’

To conclude their efforts with the new Conspiracy Theory Club, four Sixth Formers showcased their most exclusive and exciting theories in a two-hour ‘conspiracy marathon’ on Wednesday 19th June.

The event was led by club president Nashwa Shah, who presented research on a range of topics including ‘the Illuminati’, the issues surrounding ‘Deep Fakes’ and evidence in support of Paul McCartney’s death. The highlight of the event was Emily Withey, a self-proclaimed ‘flat earther’ from the Flat Earth Society, who engaged both staff and students with her controversial views.

The panel and host stated that they “thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was a hugely anticipated event tackling hotly contested issues that have long been debated. It was fantastic to share our ideas, after working so hard over the year.”

Overall, the event was a great success, as the first of its kind at Headington and a huge thank you goes to the panel and all participants.