Celebrating Harvest Festival 2022

“You reap what you sow, you reap later than you sow and you reap more than you sow.” This was the message the Rev Stephen Foster gave at the whole school Harvest Prayers.

The Rev Tom Howell, Headington School’s Chaplain said: “It was a really practical, inclusive and inspiring message: that if you sow encouragement (for example), you’ll reap encouragement. It was also incredibly timely to have Stephen speak as the former National Director of Alpha.”

Later that day, Headington’s sixth formers began their own Alpha course – a course where no question about faith is considered off limits. As they sow seeds of enquiry about faith, there’s the potential that the fruits of their endeavours will be significant. As was outlined in the Harvest Prayers, it was the seed of just a few faithful and inspired Christians that led to the start of a small school called Headington.

Rev Howell said: “A century on, the entire school community might well reflect on what is being sown during this Harvest Festival, in our words and deeds, which might bear fruit in the years to come – a sobering/exciting thought!”