CCF in the Autumn Term

Headington’s CCF contingent have been busy with a range of activities over the past few weeks. Read reports from the School’s cadets below.

Five senior cadets had the opportunity to go to the ranges at Dalton Barracks on the 20th November where our weapon handling skills were put to use. We improved our marksmanship skills in the space of an afternoon and our grouping sizes continued to get better and better, in total we fired just under 100 rounds each on target! Our Cadet training team were very complimentary of our skills which was lovely to hear- thanks to their additional training with us.

CCF had an exciting day of laser tag at Culham Park. Playing with and against each other in games of domination. It was a great chance for cadets in different years to get to know each other more, and get a bit of experience in team games, tactics and communication whilst trying to be tactical.

Reports by Senior Cadet SSgt Emma and LCpl Alina