One of the things we are most proud about at Headington is the community which continues far beyond your days in school. 

We are always delighted to welcome Headingtonians back to school. As well as seeing what’s changed and what’s exactly the same, many Headingtonians enjoy inspiring current pupils, as they start to make choices about what next for life beyond school. We are fortunate to have so many Headingtonians engaged in shaping the lives of the next generation, and helping pupils to follow a career they will love. 

We are keen to foster this culture of giving back, so if you are interested in giving a talk to pupils or mentoring a Sixth Former, please indicate your willingness to help when you sign up to Headington Connect or contact the Development Team directly.

Headingtonians’ Day

Headingtonians’ Day is a great informal get together held on a Saturday during the summer term for Headingtonians of all ages. It is the perfect opportunity to get together with school friends and have a snoop around as you share memories over lunch with a glass of wine or two.

Headingtonians' Day 2019
Headingtonians' Day 2019

The Headingtonian Magazine

The Headingtonian is our much anticipated annual alumnae magazine. It is a great way to learn about the many Headingtonians who are making such a positive impact across the world in so many ways.

We know that Headingtonians really enjoy reading the articles and updates each year, so whether you left Headington last summer, five or fifty years ago, we encourage you to send in your news for our next edition.

Headington Connect

To help members of the Headington community stay in contact with each other and the School, we have launched Headington Connect, the official online networking platform for the Headington School community. It allows Headingtonians, Sixth Form Students, current and former parents to engage with one another and develop career mentoring, work experience and business networking opportunities with people who share a common bond – Headington School.  Join today at www.headingtonconnect.org or download the app on iOS and android. (For iOS please search ‘Graduway Community’ and select Headington Connect. For android search ‘Headington Connect’.)

Once you have registered on Headington Connect, please post or share your news and views regularly, share your own events and jobs, join the groups and invite your fellow Headington friends to join too!

Update your contact details
Update your contact details