Meet Vicky

Future opera singer

Vicky Huggett joined Headington in Nursery in 1999 at the age of 3 eventually leaving in 2014 with A Levels in Philosophy and Ethics, Music and Classical Civilisation. She graduated from Birmingham University in 2017 with a degree in Music, then moved back to Oxford, initially working in a Sixth Form college.

An opportunity came up in 2018 to work at Headington in the Development Team and I was excited by the idea of coming back to work in my old school and get some experience in event planning, alumnae relations and fundraising. I joined the team in October 2018.

In September 2022 I will start a two year post graduate degree at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire with the long term goal of becoming an opera singer. I have been working towards this goal since I was 12 years old and have been waiting for the right time to pursue it.

I have felt a special connection to Headington for many years. I attended Headington for my whole school career, along with my two older sisters. My mum was also here as a student in the 70s and we were all in Isis house! As a student here I imagined coming back to work at Headington, never really thinking it would actually happen! I have many great friends from my time here as a student but also as a member of staff and I am sure these friendships will last a lifetime.

I would encourage anyone interested in joining Headington School to take part in any and every activity thrown your way.

Becoming a member of staff at Headington was a little strange – I don’t think it’ll ever feel normal to call my old teachers by their first names! But it has been amazing to see this side of Headington School and really understand how the school runs and how each member of the staff body is integral to the running of this establishment.

I started singing lessons at Headington at the age of 12. I played violin in the Prep School with the wonderful Mr Bonnici but several members of staff commented on my singing voice and I felt encouraged to give it a try once I moved up to the Senior school. I was given so many opportunities by the Music Department including joining the choir and becoming Head Chorister, taking my graded music exams and eventually my diploma, being put forward for concerts and performances, the best of which was singing twice with the school orchestra. My A Level Music teachers helped prepare me for my degree at Birmingham and I am still grateful for the help the Music Department offers me now as a member of staff, namely in recording my audition pieces for my application to the conservatoire.

I would encourage anyone interested in joining Headington School to take part in any and every activity thrown your way. Headington offers so many extra-curricular activities that you may not get elsewhere or later on in life so don’t miss out on the opportunity to try something new. For those interested in music, I would suggest trying as many different instruments as you can and finding what works for you. Join the orchestra and the choir, try jazz and join band. You will learn so much and make so many friends outside of your classes. And make sure to have a go at Music Technology; Headington is really lucky to have a fantastic recording studio so make sure to get involved – it could be the start of your own music career!