Meet Tessa

U4 boarder

Tessa joined Headington as a full boarder in Davenport House in U3, previously attending a small Buckinghamshire primary school. Home is more than 4,000 miles away in Barbados. Tessa enjoys Drama and Music, playing the flute and singing in three separate music groups while her favourite subjects are English, Drama and Music.

On boarding

It’s fun! There’s lots to do and you make friends really quickly, which is good for school as well. Being a boarder does make it easier to do lots of extra-curricular activities, there’s no pressure to get the bus or for my mum to drive up. I kind of expected to be in a massive room with bunk beds but they’re really nice rooms and we can decorate them. There’s a kitchen which you can make food in and big gardens where you can hang out with your friends. It’s kind of like a big house.

On homesickness

I do get homesick sometimes but the staff are really good at comforting me. Timeframes always help and it doesn’t seem so scary and sometimes talking about it helps too.

What’s your favourite thing about Headington?

All of the opportunities! None of the schools I have ever been to before have ever had such good facilities or so many things to choose from. All of the subjects here have so much to offer. 

On her Headington aspirations

I always knew I liked drama but I didn’t know it was something I wanted to do until I came here. I’ve just been awarded a drama scholarship and I would like to get a lead role in a musical. I’d also like to try for Head Girl one day.