Meet Natalie

Natalie, U4 musician

Natalie joined Headington in Year 7, previously attending a Hong Kong school. A music scholar, Natalie plays Piano and Percussion and sings, is part of the Percussion Ensemble, Symphony Orchestra, Headingtones and Sinfonietta. She also enjoys Drama and Dance.

On Music at Headington

I feel like there’s definitely lots of different music activities and clubs you can join. There’s also lots of teachers to support you and because there’s lots of musicians in school, I know it sounds corny but it’s kind of like a big family.

What makes Headington special?

It’s the community and the people. All the teachers and the pupils all support you and encourage you in what you do. They are all really friendly and kind and nice.

What has Headington taught you about yourself?

I can be a lot more independent than I used to think! At my old school, there was barely any free time but here you can go anywhere and have lots of time to do whatever you want. I have definitely enjoyed that independence and I feel like I can take care of myself more now.

On her aspirations at graduation

I will hopefully set a clear goal for what I want to be when I grow up as right now I’m still quite unsure! I hopefully will be able to meet lots of people and have lots of friends.