Meet Myriam

L4 linguist and singer

Myriam joined Headington in Year 5. Born to a French mother and Palestinian father, she is bilingual, speaking French and English fluently and is also learning Arabic. At school, she takes Spanish lessons as well as advanced French lessons. She’s also a keen musician and takes singing, piano and saxophone lessons and recently combined her talents, singing in French at Headington’s Love Languages Cabaret. She also takes Speech and Drama lessons.

On Languages at Headington

Languages are very good here, I really like Spanish and I am enjoying the extra French lessons too. I hope to take my French GCSE in Year 10, which my older sister did too. I think languages and speaking different languages are celebrated here.

On Headington

I really like the facilities, there are lots of lessons that other places don’t offer. You can take Dance or PE GCSE – it’s very cool and very surprising that that is an option.

On her ambitions

I’d like to be a prefect in Sixth Form. Right now I’m doing lots of different things and hoping I will find something I really enjoy, so many different things like character design – I would not have thought I would be designing characters and making them in plasticine but I am and it’s very fun!

On what she’s learned about herself

When I just started in Senior School I wanted to start slowly and not jump into everything because I think it would be quite scary. I’m really proud of myself because I have done really well this year. I don’t know what I’m going to do in the future but I am really enjoying it!