Meet Maia

U5 theatre director

Maia joined Headington in U3 from an independent prep school. She loves drama and, in particular, acting as a director. She also represents the School for Athletics, enjoying High Jump and Hurdles and also joined the Rowing programme for three years. She will be taking GCSEs in Maths, English Literature and Language, Trilogy Science, Spanish, Music, Drama, Food and Nutrition and History.

On Theatre

I used to do acting and dance alongside it but now I am learning more towards directing because I like leading. I was the Assistant Director for ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’. I love how big it can be. You can make something that’s absolutely amazing. As a director, you always want people to walk in and leave with something changed in their mind or tell someone else’s story for them. It’s a great for of expression.

What makes Headington special?

The facilities are absolutely amazing and the community is so nice and welcoming. If you decide you don’t want to do something any more, for whatever reason, everyone will be okay with that and push you towards a different thing you can try out. It’s just a really special place.

On her aspirations at Headington

I want to have done multiple auditions and workshops outside of school as well as in school and I know the teachers of Drama would be able to help me with that which is great. I would like to go for the Head of Day role and I would also love to be the prefect for the U3s and L4s. I like to be a leader and I like to mingle with people a lot.

On what Headington has taught her about herself?

I have found out how social I am! I used to be really shy and really quite. I was put in a really lovely class and I just clicked, it was great. I found friendships quite difficult in the past because I tried to be with everyone all the time. My form teacher helped me to have a small group of lovely, amazing friends which is much better. The amount of clubs has really helped with self expression. There are clubs for things I didn’t realise were a thing, every single thing you can imagine, there’s a club for it here. Having so many different options has really helped. You can genuinely find anything. There’s definitely going to be more I’m going to discover about myself while I’m here and I’m really excited!