Meet Maddie

U4 karateka and rower

Maddie joined Headington in L4 from an independent Prep School. Her favourite subjects are Art and Food and Nutrition but she also rows, fences and practises Karate to a high level, recently achieving a brown belt with white stripe and red tag at a grading.

On her ‘sporty’ side

I’m not really that sporty but I do Rowing and Karate and Fencing. Rowing is really fun, my parents thought I would be good at it because my cousin did it and I’m really tall but I have really enjoyed it. It really pushes you, but it’s really worth it, even if you do hurt a bit! It’s so much fun, especially in the summer when we’re on the river. We had our first regatta and that went really well. It was just something nice to try.

On why Headington is special

It’s nice how it’s so big and the facilities are really good, there’s so much to use. At my old school, there weren’t many art materials but with the new Hive here, there’s so much more to experiment with.

On what Headington has taught her about herself

I have learned that I am better at some things than I thought I was. I never thought I was that good at sport but I’m really good at Rowing. As I go through Headington, I want to become more confident and speak up more – the teachers do help with that. I definitely want to stick with things such as Rowing and Karate but also to try lots of new things.