Meet Kitty

Year 5 Sportswoman

Kitty joined Headington in Year 1 from an independent primary school. A keen sportswoman, she plays Tennis and Cricket and enjoys running. She plays Cricket in a club outside of school and has represented Headington in running. She also learns the Ukulele, Mandarin and Spanish at school.

On what she likes about Headington

I like that the way they teach is a bit different! I like the sport here, they want us to try and do a bit of everything!

On what she’s learned about herself

When I first came here, I think I thought I would not make that many friends but I have actually made so many friends.

On her aspirations beyond the Prep School

I would like to achieve a Dance and Sports Scholarship and I would like to continue representing the school in sport and running particularly. I’m one of the fastest in my class. I would also like to be more confident reading out loud. I’d just like to get better at everything! I want to be the best that I can so I can achieve good things in my life.