Meet Jess

U5 leader and rower

Jess joined Headington in Year 5 from a local prep school. A member of the HSO Boat Club Octo which won National Schools Regatta this year, Jess has been a form captain and was U4 Head of Year. She will take GCSEs in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English Literature and Language, Maths, History, PE and Spanish and a Higher Project Qualfiication.

On her leadership aspirations
I feel like I have always wanted to be a leader. I have always been the person who volunteered myself as captain and it’s always been one of my main goals to be Head Girl or Head of something. My mum was too and to carry on that tradition is really important to me. I’ve always been very into helping people and leading a deep. Being Head of Year has given me a boost of confidence and knowing someone believes I can be head of something has really helped me and given me lots of new skills to learn.

On Rowing
I’ve dropped some of my sports to commit to rowing but it’s all worth it. I’ve already succeeded in one of my goals which was winning nationals but one day, when I’m in the Sixth Form, I’d like to row at Henley Royal Regatta. It’s quite a lot but I’m willing to take on the challenge. Rowing can be a hard sport and it really affects how you think about how things and how you lead a team. It’s also about how you support your teammates – cheering them on and supporting them to do the best they can. Rowing has taught me a positive mindset and how to work your way through different things.

On what makes Headington special
For me it’s the community. It’s how you make friends with everybody and how supportive everyone is and how much there is to offer. You have got so many options, you will find something to excel in, and you will find something you’re passionate about. We are very lucky to have all these different opportunities, from CCF, to Art, to Music.

On where she sees herself at graduation
I would love to be Head Girl and definitely still rowing for my school. I lived in Australia until I was four and one of my big passions would be to live there again. I think Headington will help me find a way to get there.