Meet Gwen

Year 5

Gwen joined Headington at the beginning of Year 3 from a local primary school and has also previously lived in Australia. At school, she takes part in swimming and running clubs, learns the Ukulele and sings in the choir.

On her favourite thing at Headington

I really like the food, it’s really yummy. I also really like how they teach us our lessons. They are really nice, they break down the stuff we find hard to help us and there’s an amazing classroom layout for us to help us learn. I think it’s special because it has all girls. It’s kind of nicer. The boys are fun but they’re boisterous and kind of naughty, it’s nice with girls because it’s all civilised and peaceful. My favourite subject is probably Maths.

On what she’s learned about herself

I’ve learned that I am actually really good at Maths – I never knew I was actually good before and it’s helped me discover I was good at things. The teachers are amazing, they’re really kind which helps us learn.

On her aspirations at Headington

I don’t like getting wet when I’m not supposed to and when I go on the residential trips, I want to teach myself that being wet is fine when you’re doing raft building and that kind of thing. I also really want to get an academic scholarship and sports scholarship.