Meet Grace

U6 artist

Grace joined Headington School in U4 from an International School in Denmark. An Art Scholar, she is currently studying A Levels in Art, Photography, English and History of Art along with an EPQ. As well as her art interests, Grace is also a member of Headington’s  Rubbish Runners group and Film Society. During lockdown, Grace combined her passion for Art with a determination to stay fit, taking part in viral sensation ‘PE with Joe’ alongside millions and designing a logo for the sessions which was printed onto T-shirts then sold in aid of of NHS charities.

On Art

Art at Headington is such a unique experience. Thanks to the recent development of the Hive, students have the ability to do Photography, Fine Art, Textiles, Design and Technology and so much more! In the Art Department, the facilities that are on offer are truly incredible. We have 3D printers, an amazing Blackmagic Camera, TONS of fabric, a darkroom, the list goes on! If you want to do art here at Headington, don’t be afraid to do what YOU want to do. Whether you want to be a fashion designer or an animator, Headington can help you get there!

On Headington

Headington is special to me for many reasons. Not only did I feel instantly welcome when I arrived, but all the teachers were so friendly and happy to help at any time. There is a real sense of community here even though we are such a big school! I look forward to coming into school everyday, excited to see my friends, teachers and to learn something new!

On her aspirations at and beyond Headington

By the time I leave Headington, I would like to make photography a more popular subject, as both an extra-curricular subject and as an A Level choice. The amount of resources that we have for the subject is unbelievable and we have such a wide range of cameras. In the future, I would like to work in the film industry, particularly doing cinematography. I hope to get an apprenticeship within the film industry to get some experience, after that I hope to go to the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield.