Meet Eseld

Year 5 actress

Eseld joined Headington in Reception. She loves writing stories and Drama and plays the oboe. She has Drama one to one sessions and attends Drama and Swimming Clubs and recently took a key role in the Year 4 Production of the Grimm Tales.

On Drama

My big passion is definitely Drama. I have really enjoyed it, particularly since I started Drama Club and Drama lessons – I was really really happy and the teacher really hlepd me to get really confident. 

On Headington

My favourite things are that the teachers are very supportive. If you get stuck, they will come and help you get unstuck!

On her ambitions

I really want to become an actor when I grow up! I would also really like to be Head Girl and to have a position of responsibility and also I want to get good grades.

On what she’s learned about herself

When I started in Reception I didn’t know this, but when I was in Year 4 I have learned I am dyslexic. I have always been not great with spelling and I’ve always wondered why and it has helped knowing there’s a reason! It also means I get some extra help and go to the e-Pod to do English and Maths.