Meet Ellie

U4 musician

Ellie joined Headington in Year 5 at the Prep School. She is a keen musician, playing violin and piano and plays with the Symphony Orchestra. She also enjoys sport, particularly Netball and Athletics.

On Music at Headington

The teachers are really nice. They are very observant when ywe play and they pick up on things to make it easy for you to play the piece better. They’re so good at supporting you with things when you are struggling. They take their time and do it at a place you are comfortable with.

On what makes Headington special

It’s the people – they are really friendly and it’s so easy to make friends. Lots of them are really relatable and that makes for a really enjoyable time in school/ The teachers are really kind, theyy take their time and try to give you the most amount of information they can/ I can see they are really trying to direct information into your brain! If you don’t understand it they will help you until you do.

On what she has learned about herself and her aspirations for the future

That I’m good at Netball! The PE teachers made it really easy for me to understand. I want to be a lawyer one day so I want to get good grades and improve on my academics.