Meet Bianca

L4 boarder

Bianca joined Headington in U3 from a school in Hong Kong as a full boarder. It’s her first time living away from home. She takes Tennis and Piano lessons and is currently working on Grade 5 Piano.

On boarding

There’s lots of opportunities and it’s easier to make friends. You also have the opportunity to make friends with people in other years, not just the people in your year. I also really like the activities, a lot of them I haven’t done before. Sometimes we do baking in the boarding house which is really fun – I haven’t really cooked often before.

On academics

My favourite subject is Maths. I feel like I’m more of an academic person, while I do do sports, it isn’t one of my favourite things. I hadn’t really tried Tennis before coming to Headington but I think it’s fun and interesting.

On Headington

The people here are really nice and they’re just really open, it’s so easy to make friends. In my old school, it was harder. I think Headington has many great facilities and the boarding is different than what I am used to – in a good way!

On what she’s learned about herself

I’ve learned that I can be independent and also I have learned that I am quite capable of doing many things. In my old school, there weren’t so many opportunities and I felt like I didn’t have the time to try different things. It benefits me because I could find something new that I really like, I’m not just sticking to a few things that I usually do.

On her ambitions

I would like to improve my piano y doing some more exams. I want to try out to be form captain and also be in the School Council. I haven’t thought about what I want to be in the future but I want to try and go to university and the greatest achievement I think would be maybe to get a PhD.